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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our window cleaning services?

How Much Does It Cost ?2024-01-29T15:07:57+00:00

Every property is different.
The best way for us to provide an accurate quote is a free onsite visit or we can provide quotes via pictures through email, what’s app, text or quote form.

How Do I Know When My Clean Is Due?2024-01-29T15:07:57+00:00

All of our customers are notified via text message the evening before their clean.

How Do I Pay?2024-01-29T15:07:57+00:00

Our preferred method of payment is GoCardless as it’s safe and easy and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Do you need a window cleaner?2024-01-29T15:07:57+00:00

Yes. Cleaning your windows is the best way to prolong the life of your windows.

Why Is There No Need To Dry The Windows?2024-01-29T15:07:57+00:00

We clean using ultra pure water, this means we do not need to dry the windows it will simply evaporate away leaving no residue or marks giving your windows a streak free and spotless finish.

Do We Clean Windows In The Winter/Rain?2024-01-29T15:07:57+00:00

Yes, we clean all year round.
Dirt and grime can block the amount natural light and sunshine that penatrates through your windows, so it is even more important that during those winter months that your windows are cleaned regularly so that all the winter sunshine is able to get through.
Yes we do clean in the rain unless it is torrential or adverse weather conditions like high winds or blizzards.

Why Should You Clean Your Windows?2024-01-29T15:07:57+00:00

Regular cleaning of your windows doesn’t just make your windows look fantastic but avoiding dirty windows helps prevent damage to them, it also maintains your homes energy efficiency levels.
We would recommend 4 or 6 weekly cleans for optimal performance.

What Is Hot Wash?2024-01-29T15:07:57+00:00

We use a hot water system so we can clean your windows with ultra pure hot water to aid in removing the dirt and grime build up giving your windows a fantastic deep clean.

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